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Eucharist Christ student Mass children Holy Family School Albany MN Seven Dolors Church

Christ-Centered Education

Holy Family School offers a Christ-centered education. Children pray daily and attend Mass weekly. Not only do children learn about their faith in the classroom, but they live out their faith through everyday activities in school and beyond.

Our Mission

Holy Family School is a Christ-centered family.
We strive to help each child reach
​his or her potential in an environment
where our Catholic faith is lived and celebrated.

student Mass Mission Holy Family School Albany MN children singing
Mission Philosophy Holy Family School Albany MN Seven Dolors Church gifts student Mass

Our Philosophy

Holy Family School is an integral partnership among school, home, and our faith community. We believe children are God's work in process, therefore we enable and challenge children to recognize God within themselves, in others, and all of God's creation. We are dedicated to setting the highest standards of learning,​ while fostering creativity and curiosity.

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