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Kara Kraemer

Music Teacher (Kindergarten-5th grade)

Topics students learn in your class:

In music class we sing, experience movement and dance with songs, do a variety of music games. We learn rhythm, solfège, music terms and music notation. We play a variety of instruments, from wood blocks, triangles, and maracas, to xylophones, glockenspiels, drums and recorders.

Special projects or activities students do in your classes:

Each year we prepare songs to celebrate Jesus' coming at Christmas for our Christmas pageant. In the spring we prepare special songs to sing for our grandparents and special friends for Grandparents' Day.


I enjoy playing piano, reading, biking, hiking, and I am always grateful for Eucharistic adoration time that I get to spend with Jesus!


I have three siblings and nine nieces and nephews.

Employment History:

This is my sixth year teaching at Holy Family School.

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