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Brick Wall

Lori Ehlert


Topics students learn in your class:

In Pre-K we use a weekly theme to plan engaging activities to help children prepare for kindergarten. We practice math, language, literacy, science and creative arts skills. In addition we celebrate God's love for us as we learn about Jesus and treating each other with kindness.

Special projects or activities students do in your class:

• Fire Station field trip

• Pumpkins and PJs party

• Making Stone Soup

• Holy Family School Christmas program

• Beach Day

• Spring Parent Day


• Reading and listening to audio books

• Spending time with my family at our cabin


Daughter Katelyn (Katie). She attended Holy Family School and graduated from Albany HS in 2021. We have a dog named Sugar.

Employment History:

I've worked as a preschool teacher at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in Sartell, an in home child care provider, Holy Family School secretary,

Holy Family School preschool teacher and pre-kindergarten teacher.

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