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Father Julius Beckermann, OSB

Parochial Vicar

How long have you been a priest in the Harvest of Hope community?

Six years

What are your responsibilities in regards to Holy Family School?

At times, I celebrate the children's Mass and visit the classrooms. 

What do you enjoy most about connecting with Holy Family School?

I was privileged to attend a Catholic grade school where my teachers were Benedictine sisters. They instilled in us a deep faith and belief in a life after our short lives here on earth.


Hunting, fishing, memorizing poetry, swimming


My parents raised us ten sons. We all attended a Catholic grade school. I have one deceased brother. My oldest brother is 87; my youngest brother is 70. I was the fifth child, and the only one to become a priest. I became a priest at 60 years old, after being a (Benedictine) brother for over 40 years.

Anythinelse you would like people to know?

I am honored to be a priest in the Harvest of Hope cluster. One of my deepest desires is to share my faith and belief in an afterlife. After my short life on this earth, I hope to spend all eternity in Heaven with Jesus and my loved ones. I tell the parishioners in my homily at times that it is for all the marbles: to enter the gates of Heaven. This is Jesus' reward and promise to each one of us if we do our best to follow Him during our lives on this earth.

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