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Home and School Association

The Home & School Association of Holy Family School is an organization whose members include all parents of students enrolled in Holy Family School.


The goals of the Home & School Association are:

  *  To help parents and teachers better appreciate the soundness of Catholic education 

   * To promote mutual educational concerns

  *  To serve the community's needs


All functions of the H & S are done with the mission of the school in mind.  Work is done to reflect that Holy Family School is a Christ-centered family, bonded through our Catholic faith, valuing diversity, and nurturing lifelong learning.  All are empowered with knowledge, spirituality, family values, leadership skills, self-esteem, academic excellence and Christian service.


The H & S Association meets a total of four times per year.  All parents are invited to attend meetings to learn more about the school, be involved in decision-making, interact with other parents, principal, and staff members and to help plan for the future.  Each person has a vote!


Fundraising events sponsored by the Home & School Association are:

Scrip Program, Snowball, 5K Fun Run, Catholic United Financial School Raffle, Golf Tournament, Fall Festival, Scholastic Book Fair        

Home and School Officers
•  Angela Rushmeyer (president) 
• Reba Leither (vice president)
• Unfilled (secretary)
• Amy Casey (school board representative)


 August 24, 2023 HFS Cafeteria
 October 12, 2023 Virtual
November 16, 2023 Virtual
• February 8, 2024 Virtual
• April 18, 2024 Virtual

2023-24 Minutes
2022-23 Minutes
2021-22 Minutes
• January, 2023
• February, 2023
• March, 2023
• April, 2023
• May, 2023

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