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Sue Gully

Institutional Advancement Coordinator

What is your role at Holy Family School?

To develop marketing strategies to advertise for the school, increase enrollment, build relationships with families and businesses in the community, fundraising, admissions and web oversight.

How long have you been working at Holy Family School?

This is my second year. My position was made possible through a grant from the Schulze Foundation.

What do you like about the school or the environment?

Holy Family School is a Christ-centered environment where teachers and staff really care about the students. It is a family-like atmosphere where everyone knows everyone and cares for one another. The older children help the younger children and serve as role models for them to look up to. The small school building is a comfortable place for younger students because they are not overwhelmed by several long hallways and hundreds of students. I love how students are able to learn about their faith and live it in a welcoming atmosphere.


• Photography

• Crafts

• Reading

• Walking


Husband Mike; 5 children (the oldest four attend HFS): Riley (4th grade), Kenzie (3rd grade), Abigail (1st grade); Lilyana (preschool), Hannah (age 1)

Fun Fact:

My husband's great-great-great grandfather, Anton Gogola, Sr., hosted St. Anthony's first Masses in his log cabin. Eventually, he donated the land for St. Anthony Church, which was named after him. St. Anthony is one of the parishes in the Harvest of Hope Community, which supports Holy Family School.

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