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Faith Fourre

Kindergarten Teacher

How long have you been at Holy Family School?

I am excited to say this fall will be my first year teaching at Holy Family School.

What do you like about the school or the environment?

I love the family aspect of this school. Family is important to me. Knowing families are extremely supportive and want to be active in their child's education is exciting. I am eager to meet my students' families and build relationships with them as well as with my students. I also like that Holy Family surrounds teaching with faith and God. Knowing I can share my faith with my students and teach them about God is very special.


• Spending time with people

• Being on the lake

• Fishing

• Playing softball and volleyball

• Coaching JV volleyball for Albany HS


I am the youngest of four siblings.

Any other fun facts you would like people to know:

My siblings and I were born and raised here in Albany and had the opportunity to go to Holy Family School along with some of my cousins.

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