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Brick Wall

Michael Sopcyk

Third Grade Teacher

How long have you been at Holy Family School?

This will be my first year teaching at Holy Family School.

What do you like about the school or the environment?

I grew up in a Catholic family. We went to Mass every Sunday and on Holy days, fasted during Lent, prayed the rosary in the evenings and on long car rides. Throughout my life I have turned to God for His strength and support. I like working in a Catholic school because I can share my faith and the importance of developing a strong relationship with God as a teacher.


I have a wide variety of interests. I enjoy swimming (especially in Lake Superior), cross- country skiing, hunting for mushrooms, rock climbing, growing grapes, programming micro- controllers, canoeing, camping, hiking, and fishing.


I am single and have no children.

Fun Facts:

Before coming to Holy Family School, I worked at St. Agnes Catholic School in Osakis for two years. At St. Agnes, I had the opportunity to really get to know my students and their families because of the small class sizes. I feel excited to be at Holy Family School, and I am looking forward to meeting my students, their families, and all of the Holy Family School staff.

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